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Soil Erosion Nets

  Coir fiber nets can be used to prevent soil erosion while it makes no harm to the environment as it decays naturally. Coir fiber net is used as a blanket to avoid soil erosion and acceleration of slope lands.

Mesh size



Yarn thickness

1 - 4 cm

Maximum 2m.

According to the customer's request.

5 -10 mm




1. Bare Soil Slope.
2. Steep cut soil slope.
3. Landslide Area.
4. Road side slope.
5. Landfill Slope.
6. Slope with soil nail head

1. Provide combined fusion of hydro seeding and erosion control
2. Convenience installation without machine.
3. Long lasting fertilizer strip.
4. Low maintenance cost.
5. No- Top- soil required.
6. Biodegradable.
7. Environmental friendly.
8. High moisture retaining capacity.
9. Low heat absorption rate.
10. Encourage bioengineering to hydro seeding plant.