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Cocopeat Grow Bags


This product comes in handy Poly Sleeves The available sizes are


    120 x 20x (3-5)

100 x 15x (3-5)
120 x 17x (3-5)
95 x 15x(3-5)
120 x 15x (3-5)
95 x 17 x (3-5)
100 x 20x (3-5)

Raw coir pith is obtained from new crop husks that are roller-screened at the fiber mill. Such new cocopeat is washed, wetness squeezed, machine dried and at the same time sieved with in-built mesh of the dryer machine.
It results in more expansion and new cocopeat is totally free of sand, soil, extraneous matter, and no contamination whatsoever ( animal residues or plant material ) because all fine dust is removed from the product.

COMPOSTED COCOPEAT: All purpose, for use without fertilizer, ideal results guaranteed.
Water Holding Capacity: High
Capacity Palletized, 8000 slabs in 20 Pllts per 40 Ft container(each pllt 400 pcs )7000 pcs per FCL